Memories made easy. No signups, no logins, no fuss, just memms.

How It Works

memms is easy to get started and even easier for your friends and family to use.

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1. Create & Share Your Event

Create an event and share the phone number with your friends and family.

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2. Text Your Photos

Your friends and family text message their photos and videos to share.

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3. Enjoy Your memms

View and discuss all the photos and videos on your phone or computer.

How Much Does It Cost

One free event per month or upgrade to a premium event for additional features

Standard Event Free
  • 1 free event per month
  • Limit 100 photos
  • Phone number expires after 30 days
  • Upgrade anytime
Premium Event $ 49
  • Unlimited photos
  • Unlimited videos
  • Automatically create gifs from video
  • Custom URL
  • Custom Phone Number
  • Export all photos & video
  • Phone number expires after 180 days

Frequently Asked Questions

Have some questions? Check out these answers or contact us to ask us something else.

What kind of events would I use memms for?

memms is great for all kinds of events. Some examples are weddings, vacations, company outings, a night out with friends, class reunions, New Years Eve parties, baby showers and any other event you're a part of.

Why does my phone number expire?

Events are supposed to be only a day (or a few days). Since we pay for the number and messages, we've limited free events to 30 days and premium events to 60 days.

Will my event be accessible after the number expires?

Yes, your event will always be available to you and anybody with a link. You can always share the event URL with people before, during or after the event ends.

Do I need to add my credit card to sign up?

Nope! No credit card required to sign up. It's completely free!

How many free events can I create?

Currently you can only have one active event. Once your event ends you can create another.

How many premium events can I create?

You can have as many premium events as your heart desires.

Do I need an account to create an event?

Yes, you need an account to create your event. We’ll require you to confirm your phone number and create a password. This is so that you can review your photos and manage your event.

Do others need an account to share photos?

No, nobody is required to create an account to post photos. Anybody with the phone number can text message their photos and videos to automatically add them to the event feed.

What’s with these fake names?

Currently we don’t have a way for people to add their names to their photos so we add some fun and random names. This is also to mask their phone numbers from the public.

Will I know who sent the photos?

As the event creator, you can view all the phone numbers of the people who uploaded the photos.

Is my event public?

Currently your event is public but only available if you have the url. It will not appear in search engines or on the homepage.